There are some interesting things to see on the Internet. Recently I highlighted the webcomic PVP which is one of the web comics that I can readily identify with. Then I found another webcomic called The Mows. It isn’t as funny but it is interesting and it is linked at the bottom of the page. Through these sites I have found some other interesting, what I will now refer to as webtainment, items. The first is called What the Muffins?. What the Muffins? is a web sitcom about two geeky guys who share a house with a cool guy. It is all explained in the pilot episode. Yes the acting is not fantastic, the jokes need some work but hey these guys are doing something creative. And after two episodes so far it seems pretty clean and accessible to a wide audience. I’m adding What the Muffins? to my links, so enjoy.

The computer is almost back up to speed, unfortunately by switching to a new computer many of the programs that we had been enjoying on the old computer are no longer accessible to us, like Excel and the complete Windows Office suite. And the full blow versions of Photoshop and Illustrator. Luckily Photoshop Elements is a worthy alternative that I have been using instead. Almost all the music has been transferred, now I’ve got to get all the pictures up on the computer. There is a good tool for cataloging the photos. I’m looking forward to using that since we’ve got to get alot of pictures scanned of Allison and I and our families for our wedding favors. I haven’t explored enough to see if there is also a slide show maker on the computer but I think there probably is something like that too.

Allison and I tried a new restaurant last night. It is called Signatures, we were checking it out to see if it would be a good place for us to have the rehearsal dinner. The food was excellent, but the service a little slow. They also have Thursday night comedy shows there. I’ll have check it out sometime.