Wednesday’s TV Recap 11/08/06

Bones – A very good episode tonight. Booth and Bones in Las Vegas. They investigated an underground fighting ring. Bones was extremely lucky in Vegas and Booth is a recovering gambler. It made for some interesting situations. Bones counting cards and not realizing that that was a bad thing. Booth ending up in the fighting ring. Seeing David Boreanaz in his Vegas high roller garb was a riot. The persona of Roxanne. The punch from Zach, priceless.

Bones – Drew is right, this was a great episode. While I really hate fighting and was pretty grossed out by those scenes, it was good to see David Boreanaz in a physical role (and the undershirt!) again. I was pretty impressed with Brennan’s (Bones) acting abilities – not bad for an anthropologist!

Lost – What a cliffhanger. February 7, 2007 starts the next set of episodes and there will be 16 back to back with no repeats in between. Nathan Fillion guest starring as Kate’s husband. Is it me or does he end up drugged by a beautiful woman in all his shows. It was good to see him back on TV too. This past week we have seen 3 members of the Serenity crew doing guest star roles. Alan Tudyk on CSI, Nathan Fillion on Lost and Morena Baccarin on How I Met Your Mother. Don’t forget that Gina Torres is in a series, Standoff. Now if we could get them all back together on the Serenity that would be great. There have been tons of commercials for the show that will replace Lost for the time being, Daybreak. And it looks like another Firefly Alum will be on that show, Adam Baldwin. Back to Lost… What did Locke realize from the prayer stick? Who is Jacob? What is Alex’s role? What will happen with Sawyer, Jack, Kate? The ending was such a great cliffhanger. Can’t wait for February 7, 2007

Lost – Great cliffhanger is right! I don’t usually yell at the tv (my brother inherited that trait from our dad, it skipped me), but I was yelling some not nice things at the end of the episode last night – I have to wait until February to find out what happens?? Are you serious? February? I think the network is a little messed up with this new set up.

Oh, and Drew forgot to mention another Serenity alum who is on TV now – Tamara Taylor is on Bones these days (and made an appearance on two episodes of LOST). I know she’s not a Firefly/Serenity character, but she was in Serenity and was great.

The Nine – This show is losing me. I’m not that invested in the characters. I spent last night writing the first two recaps while I semi watched this show. I do like Egan but he is becoming annyoing as Nick’s houseguest. He’s got to get out there and do something.

The Nine – I am still enjoying this show. I think that last night’s episode wasn’t one of their strongest, but it was interesting none-the-less. I missed some bits because I was busy making our lunches for today, but I think that we learned some interesting things about some of the characters and their relationships. I’m really curious as to why Lucas made such a big deal about Randall not finding out that Lizzie was pregnant. This show still has me.