Weekend Recap

This weekend Allison and I did lots of shopping, some relaxation and spent some time with good friends.

On Friday night we went to see Must Love Dogs at the Route One Cinema Pub. As always the food was good and we both enjoyed the movie very much. I am a sucker for any John Cusack movie and well, Diane Lane was reason enough to go in the first place. But it was Cusack’s neurotic rambling that made him a favorite of mine since Say Anything, Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer. Cusack’s explanation of what he wants to do with his life at Diane Court’s house for the family dinner is priceless. And in Must Love Dogs he gives another stellar performance as the sensitive guy with a heart of gold. Good movie.

Saturday Allison and I went to the Wrentham Outlets. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, where we picked up a game to add to out game night collection, (Spoons, good little card game). Then we headed up to the outlets, we were an hour early of the stores opening so we walked around a bit and decided where we would shop. I needed new sneakers, (so my old sneakers were 3 years old, big deal). I don’t like getting new sneakers, I always say that when I find a pair I like I’m gonna buy 10 of them so I don’t have to go shopping for them again. I am also not a shoe guy, I have two pairs of dress shoes (one brown, one black) that are the exact same style. They are comfortable so I bought two pairs. I then have a pair of motorcycle boots, which I only wear when riding. I have a pair of hiking boots, with I use to hike as well as outdoor work, and they usually rip up my heels on long hikes.) And I have a pair of sneakers. Now I have three pairs because I bought two pairs yesterday. And they are in the superwhite phase. I’ll probably add my old sneakers to the pile that is in the storage box on the porch full of old shoes that I use when I mow the lawn.

After buying my shoes, Allison and I went to get her some sneakers at the Nike outlet, Nikes just don’t fit me right. We then went to Famous Brand shoes so I could find some shoes for work that were more appropriate. Apparently mine are not, but I’m not discussing that.

Our last stop was Van Heusen so I could get some shirts for work. I a not a clothes guy, I don’t like clothes shopping, so I buy one shirt that I like but in many colors. I finally took the time to look through the shirts in my closet and decide which neck size was best as well as which arm length. And I also figured out what style of shirt I most like. That would be oxford, it is the roughest of the styles, which include pinpoint, poplin and something else. But those are all too soft and flimsy, I want to know I am wearing a shirt. So I bought 5 shirts including two white ones, (I don’t have any white shirts, not sure why). Great sale going on there, 30% off each item.

Then Allison went to my cousin Jen’s baby shower (a little early) and I did some cleaning for our Game Night. I shopped for ingredients for chili and bongo bongo dip. And some tequila for margaritas. We used a margarita bucket that you fill and freeze, the instructions said that 8 hours would do it but after 8 hours I pulled out the bucket and it was like I hadn’t even put it in the freezer. Weird.

We had Andy and Rondi, Neil and Andrea, and my Cousin Bill and his wife Jen over for Game night. It was a drinks and appetizers theme, so Allison made Bongo Bongo which is Knoors soup mix plus mayonaise, spinach, water chestnuts, sour cream and cheddar cheese baked and then italian garlic bread for dipping. Andy and Rondi brought crackers and dip, a cucumber dill dip plus they also brought some Mountain Dew Pitch Black version 2.0 which is sour. It wasn’t too bad. And Andy also picked up pop rocks to bring over. We had those at the end of the night. Bill and Jen brought shrimp cocktail and a nice bottle of wine. Neil and Andrea brought homemade hummus (three kinds, olive, regular, and sun dried tomato) and homemade pita chips.

We had plenty of food and everyone dug in and shared stories. The stories went on for so long that we actually never played a game. I hope no one was disappointed about that, but it was a nice relaxing and funny night none the less. There was even a showing of “Un Mal Dia en la Vida de Enrique” a Spanish oral report that Andy and I made with another class mate, Scott, back in High school. There was much debate over whether or not I had a mullet back then, I did not, I just had the sides of my head shaved a little too closely, but the top was not short even though the back was a little long, but it was not a mullet. We shared some great and funny stories last night and it was alot of fun to have everyone over. Next time we will play a game.

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