Wes Molebash is coming…

To Double Midnight Comics on July 8th. Double Midnight Comics is a comic shop that is owned by two guys I went to college with Chris and Scott Proulx and a friend of theirs named Brett Parker. Chris and I graduated from Saint A’s at the same time and when I was a Residence Hall Director at Saint A’s Scott was living in one of my buildings. I met Brett back when I used to take Youth Ministry courses at Emmaus House. They are three really nice guys and they are going to have Wes Molebash at their store in Manchester – Double Midnight Comics – for a book signing.

I figure since Wes announced this on his website and let the cat out of the bag then I could post something about it here too. You see Wes contacted me about comic shops in this area and I suggested Double Midnight Comics and also Wild Times Comics however Wild Times is a bit small and wouldn’t really be able to hold many people coming in for a book signing, whereas Double Midnight Comics is a large place with lots of room. Double Midnight Comics is a great shop and if you are in Manchester you should stop in and see Brett, Chris and Scott.

Anyway another reason I want to mention this is that I want to pull together a HUGE showing for his signing at Double Midnight Comics. It is his first comic book that is being published through Viper Comics. It is a collection of You’ll Have That strips. As you may remember Wes created the wedding gift that Allison gave me. Please come out to see Wes and buy a copy of his book at the July 8th signing at Double Midnight Comics. Get acquainted with Andy and Katie, the main characters of You’ll Have That.