What is PPP up to?

I heard today that PayPerPost has acquired a company. Now the last time I heard this rumor things did not end up working out. I would hope that this time PayPerPost has purchased something very interesting and it will mean big things for us Posties. I know that Posties have some interesting ways to help drive traffic to the advertisers sites as well as to their own sites.

So the big announcement will be coming next week. I wonder if they acquired a social networking company, or something else equally interesting. Whatever it is it will be helping Posties and Advertisers alike. One of the exciting things about posting for PayPerPost is the energy and enthusiasm that it brings out in the Posties. I have seen people go from maintaining one blog to maintaining an entire network of blogs, generating their own brands. I myself have built three new blogs and purchased my own domain names. And this has much to do with working with PayPerPost. So the next big thing from them should be very interesting.

So what to you other Posties think? Did you take this opportunity too? If you did drop me a comment with a link to your blog and we can help to drive traffic to each other’s blogs. I know you have been visiting as I have been visiting your blogs too, so speak up by leaving a comment. I want to know what your theories are as well.

2 thoughts on “What is PPP up to?”

  1. Hey Drew,
    I was reading this and thought about something. Like you I purchase domains and usually just forward them to my main site. But now I have thinking of forwarding them to a blog. Do you think that would be a good idea? Oh yea, ha. I need some tips on getting some more traffic. I was hoping you could give me a tip on the best way. 🙂 Thanks man, have a good day.

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