Who Won Our Onion Crunch Challenge

I was sent some Fried Onions products to do a taste testing challenge. The samples were sent to me by Onion Crunch.

The finished Green Bean Casserole

My sister makes the Green Bean Casserole in our house. We have it for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. We traditionally put French’s French Fried Onions on top of it. Tonight, the night before Thanksgiving my sister made a special pan of Green Bean Casserole and topped it with equal parts Onion Crunch, French’s and Fresh Gourmet.

The tasting Samples

There were four of us who participated: Me, Allison, My Dad and my sister. We each took a small sample of the green bean casserole with different fried onion toppings.

The finished pan

Across the board the verdict was for French’s on top of our green bean casserole. Tradition won out at our house in this challenge. I really, really wanted my choice to be Onion Crunch because I love it on so many things like salads, hotdogs and pizza.

Onion Crunch is Still the Tops for Pizza

Luckily, our main course tonight was pizza and I enjoyed a heaping helping of Onion Crunch on top of that. Tomorrow I’m going to try it on many other Thanksgiving foods to see where it may replace French’s in the future.

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  1. I love green bean casserole, and it’s best with TONS of fried onions on it. I told somebody as much Thanksgiving morning. Then I got to my mother’s house, and she was out, so she made it without! She should have told me, I would have brought some!!

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