Wii have a problem

Allison found this hilarious website about all the people who have had mishaps with their Nintendo Wii game system. From flinging the controller into the television set 60 inch widescreen HD plasma to nailing a friend in the head. This website http://www.wiihaveaproblem.com/ chronicles these mishaps as well as the comic strips and other internet goodies that document Wii related destruction. I guess many people are not hearing the wrist strap or they are swinging the Wii controller so hard that the strap is breaking, there are some reinforced wriststraps that should be making their way stateside. But in the meantime one gamer has come up with a solution to the flying Wii-troller. He handcuffed it to his wrist!

I hope I don’t end up playing with anyone who looks or sounds like this while playing with Nintendo Wii.