Will the Goonies be Good Enough?

There are rumors that there may be a Goonies 2 movie, one that would pull the original cast back together to have an adventure with the Goonies as adults. The basic premise would most likely be: Goonies have grown up and become adults, their sense of wonder and adventure has dried up with family obligations and mind sapping jobs. A new quest comes along and the Goonies must once again band together.

More likely premise. The Goonies band together to find Corey Feldman’s career.

I found this fun video that some hardcore Goonies fans made.

Goonies Vacation.

Hey, it could happen. I mean most of the original cast of the Breakfast Club came together at the MTV movie awards that will be shown on Thursday.

Alot of movies are hitting their 20th anniversary.

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