Win a Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt

During the Month of December I am holding a contest in conjunction with The Mad Gringo at at We will be giving some lucky bloggers sweet Mad Gringo Swag including an authentic Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt or Mad Gringo Sarong if you would prefer. I own two Mad Gringo Hawaiian shirts and they are incredibly comfortable and look great.

I discovered the Mad Gringo site and fell in love with the idea of “Go Slow”. That relaxed lifestyle where you aren’t constrained by the corporate life and you follow the Mad Gringo within yourself. So enamored was I that I went on a Mad Gringo sized shopping spree and bought 5 shirts in a whack. I also decided that the Mad Gringo and the Wired Kayaker had something in common. Being a flat water kayaker I’m all about Going Slow and enjoying life. I figure I might as well look stylish doing so.

The Mad Gringo website is a very magical place for me. For one thing there are all the great Hawaiian shirts, but that is not all. Mad Gringo has added a ton more products to his line up. There are T-Shirts, Caribbean Golf and Bucket hats, Flip Flop Bottle openers as well as Flip Flops featuring the Mad Gringo Pineapple skull and crossbones logo. You can even get the Mad Gringo in your life a gift basket, and this is one they will love. If you spring for the Grande Version you can get a ton of sweet stuff. Just look.

Gift Package “Grande” contains:

  • 1 Official Mad Gringo Go Slow shirt. You choose the pattern.
  • 1 Pair of Mad Gringo Flip Flops
  • 1 Boat Flag. You choose color. or Mad Gringo Tee. I don’t care.
  • 1 Mad Gringo Golf Hat or Floppy Beach Hat. Choose color.
  • 1 Bottle of Rocky Mountain Sunscreen with a carabiners clip to attach to your belt.
  • 1 Mad Gringo Flip Flop Bottle Opener Keychain. Choose color.
  • 1 Beer bucket. Can also hold a small palm tree. Very small.
    All for just $89 + shipping. Amazing.

And you get free shipping on all orders over $70.00. Christmas is coming and the Gringos need gifts. But you can win your Gringos some sweet gifts by entering this contest.

Do you have a vacation on the horizon, Mad Gringo is the one place where you can get a Vacation Countdown to proudly display on your blog. Will your upcoming vacation help you “Go Slow”? If so tell us about it. To enter the contest please write a blog post detailing how your vacation will help you “Go Slow” in your life. And also tell us how a Mad Gringo Hawaiian shirt would help you in your quest to “Go Slow” while on Vacation. Hawaiian shirts tell people, “Hold all my calls, I’m on Vacation.”

Contest Details


  • 1st Place winner will win your choice of a Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt or Sarong and the Mad Gringo himself said throw in a White Mad Gringo T-shirt as well for first prize.
  • 2nd Place winner will win a Mad Gringo Floppy Beach Hat or Caribbean Golf Hat in your choice of color. And the Mad Gringo himself said throw in a White Mad Gringo T-shirt as well for second prize.
  • 3rd Place winner will win a Mad Gringo T-Shirt in your choice of color.
    Official Rules

  • Write a blog post about why you could use a Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt to help you “Go Slow”. You can include photos, videos and testimonials about why you should have a Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt.
  • Include a link to the Mad Gringo homepage at using keyword Mad Gringo.
  • Include a link to the Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt or Sarong that you would like to win.
    *For Example if I wanted the Amber Tide Hawaiian shirt I would use this link: with Keyword Hawaiian Shirt for shirts and Sarong for sarongs.
  • Embed the video above in your post. Go to YouTube to get the video embed code.
  • Tell others about the contest and link to this post however you would like.
  • Leave me a comment on this blog post with a link to your contest entry(s).
  • Complete this by December 15, 2007.
    To win

  • Voting will begin on December 16, 2007 at 8:00am and End on December 30, 2007 at 12:00pm EST.
  • A Voting Widget will be added to my right Sidebar please direct friends and family and blog readers to so they can vote for you.
  • The blog post with the most votes will be the winner. You can enter with as many blogs as you author. Only one prize per person.

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  1. Thanks Stephen. I appreciate that you entered. I’m sending you an e-mail as well. Being a dog that goes fast I think you might have missed a couple key points to the contest.

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