Wired Kayaker Podcast #7

I finally was able to get the video from last weekend’s Roger Williams Paddle. This video is 27 minutes long (I paired down over 3 hours of footage and stills). It is worth it, I think. We had a great time on the paddle and I really like how my Kodak PlaySport cameras and my XShot Kayak mounts worked for me.

I hope that you enjoyed the video.

Disclosure: I received the PlaySport cameras from Kodak and the XShot Kayak mounts from XShot. Both products are awesome and must haves for kayakers who want to record their trips.

12 thoughts on “Wired Kayaker Podcast #7”

  1. I’m impressed on how smooth the video looks during that ride. When I tried to video during my snorkeling it was pretty bumpy and the camera moved a lot from the waves.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your ride. BTW when you videoed yourself talking were you still using the Kodak Play Sport? Also where did you find your music for your video?

  2. Your camera is good. I wish that I own one too so that I can take videos the same quality with yours. Especially when I do island hopping with my family. And I guess, aside from the camera, you are good in taking videos and photos.

  3. That’s pretty cool – what’s your most exotic location for kayaking been so far? I see some people in a fairly narrow canyon going in the summer in Kananaskis Country near Banff, Alberta, Canada, but I’ve never seen anyone taking videos of their trip!

  4. Wow, there is a lot of fun! I would give anything just for a hour of that! I’ve never had the chance, so i still dream about this ride.

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