Yahoo/Google Keyword Searches.

I am connected to a free service called Stat Counter that tracks how many visitors come by this site. From time to time I like to check out how many first time visitors and how many returning visitors are coming to the site. What this service also does is check out online searches and how often The BenSpark comes up on searches. It is very interesting what we get hits for. Here are some examples from today.

13:28:13 chris cotton blues
12:02:14 robot chicken clips
12:01:50 pictures of rex quan-do from napoleon dynamite
11:29:01 robot chicken clips
10:54:03 dane cook quotes
10:43:48 dukes of hazzard movie
10:34:25 transformers energon treadshot in stock
10:33:27 transformers energon treadshot in stock
09:21:47 allison williams video free
09:05:02 robot chicken clips
08:53:11 robot chicken clips

And these are just the searches where people clicked the link to come to the BenSpark. Apparently if I want to boost the traffic to this site I need to put the words Robot Chicken in every single post. It is very interesting to see what people are looking for and how they arrived at this site. It is also interesting to see how the search is certainly not for something on this site but someone got here anyway. What one blows my mind is the search for Allison Williams video free. That search intention was for a porn video but because the post I put up had the words video (for my new camera), free (for Free Popcorn) and Williams (because Robin Williams is listed under my comedians section) and Allison (because the blog title uses to say Drew and Allison’s Blog). What I don’t get is why did someone who was looking for a porn video end up choosing search result #58 that had a description that was totally not what they were looking for. It is very odd that they would still come to this site. And strange that porn was the first thing that the person went to look for at 9:21am. Great I said porn about five times in this post, guess how many hits I’m gonna get with this one.