February Vacation Climbing Fun

Andy and Preston
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01870

It is February vacation week and we aren’t headed anywhere so I set up a few things for Andy to do with friends. Andy has a friend from when they were in karate. Andy’s friend Preston is the son of my friend Emily. She and I take Krav Maga classes together. Preston has climbed a few times with Andy and this Christmas the Rock Spot location had a sale on 5 passes so I told emily and she got them for Preston. That way we could get together and the boys could climb together.

We went over to climb in the early afternoon and the boys did about an hour of solid climbing together. We got there a bit early and Andy did a whole bunch of bouldering to get warmed up. Bouldering still stresses me out even though Andy isn’t going that high. It is my aversion to heights that stresses me out. But Andy is very good at climbing and does a great job every time we go.

Andy Climbing

the boys had a lot of fun climbing together. It is nice seeing Andy spend some time with Preston. They get along very well.