A Completed Riptide

Completed Riptide
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01856

It took a while but we now have a completely printed Riptide sword. Andy has wanted this ever since we got the 3D printer and I did print a different version of the sword but it completely broke and fell apart. So, for the past 28 hours this sword has been printing. This one is much stronger than the others. It also has some holes in each part where you can put pegs to make it stronger. However, when I first printed it the little pegs fell over and screwed up the print. I cut that part off the file and then reprinted just the sword parts. When it came time to assemble this I used part of a lollipop stick to put into the holes. It fit nice and tight. But at the mid-point the holes did not line up properly. It seemed offset by a couple of millimeters. So, I used toothpicks to pit into the holes and then glued the pieces together and then clamped them tight so that the sword fit together. No warping on this one. Andy will be excited ones I spray it down and then Andy can paint it.