Altitude for February Vacation

Andy and Preston at Altitude
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01872

We doubled up on time spent with Preston this week. andy and I went to Altitude which is an indoor trampoline park. Preston has been going there a bit with some folks from Karate and asked if Andy wanted to go this week. We met up with Preston and his mom in the afternoon. Both boys got an hour of jumping and they were joined by another kid from Karate named Aiden. the three boys got along together pretty well. they started to konk out before the hour was up, almost did the full hour. Then they wanted to play the arcade games. The parents discussed it and let each boy have $20 on a card so that they could play the games. Andy loves Skee-Ball so that was one that Andy did the most. They also played many other games and even some air hockey. Of course, when the card was out of credits Andy wanted to reload theirs but we’d been there long enough. No sense in overspending on arcade games for prizes we could have gotten for a fraction of the money. It was a nice trip there and the boys had fun together. that was the main objective.