Spoke Too Soon

spoke too soon
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01878

Well, looks like I spoke much too soon regarding printing the Iron Man arm blaster. It even looks like the moment after I took yesterday’s photo the print failed and it failed hard. The printer continued to print all night long and made a giant spagetti ball. I’ve been having lots of trouble lately with the printer. I am not sure if it was the spool of filament of things have been set improperly. In the afternoon I finished out the roll of filament. I then factory reset the printer and loaded some new filament. That seemed to do the trick and it made things work much better for the printer. The new filament seems so much better. It was probably for the best that the print failed because it was too small to fit my hand inside. I’m going to have to split the print in half and make it larger in order to make it something I could actually get on my hand. Hopefully I can make that work.