Toasted Cheese

toasted cheese
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01853

I was supposed to have a stripe test this morning. The test still happened but I was not there. I don’t like missing stripe tests especially after putting in all the work. However, today it could not be helped. Had some digestive issues all day and so I stayed home. I could not trust that I’d keep it together on the mats. So, instead I did our taxes and filled out all the financial aid forms for Eva’s school next year. They forms had to be in by Feb 3rd and I only got my taxes info today so I figured I’d get it done. At least I accomplished something today.

Eva had her strip test and she earned another strip. Not that there was any doubt that she would. She does very well in class.

I wasn’t feeling like having much but had to eat something so I made an old standby from my childhood, the toasted cheese.