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Review: Around the World Games

Eva Playing Around the World Games

We were sent a copy of The “Around the World” Game to play and review. Opinions of the game are 100% our own.

Despite the game being for ages 8 and up we played the game with Eva, she’s 5. She is a very intelligent and well spoken 5 and so we figured that even if she can’t get any questions correct she can at least learn something from the process. What I learned was to never underestimate the sponge-like brains of pre-schoolers. She retains everything that she has seen or heard even in passing so there might have been an answer to a question on a TV show she saw or a book she read. It doesn’t hurt that when she goes to bed at night she listens to stories from all over the world through the Barefoot Books Podcast.

Game play is pretty simple and fun. Players roll a die and move around the game board. There are four types of question cards: People & Places, Language, Culture & Customs and Geography. There is a nice range of difficulty levels on the cards, too. Allison shuffled through and found easier questions for Eva so that she was able to get ones that she could answer. It is no fun playing with a kid who can’t answer a single question. Continue reading Review: Around the World Games

Update on Energizer Photo Contest

While there is over a month left for you to enter the 2009 Energizer Ultimate Photo Contest There are only three days left to enter my contest for a 1-year subscription to National Geographic Magazine and a sampling of some Energizer Lithium Batteries.

You can enter my contest until May 31 at midnight. Enter through this contest post: 2009 Energizer Ultimate Photo Contest