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Barefoot Books Have Arrived!

Barefoot Books Have Arrived
Photo-A-Day #2131

We received SIX boxes of Barefoot Books today. Allison and I placed a huge order to get ourselves started. Allison and I had a fun time going through all of the books and checking out everything that we ordered. We put together display boxes and Allison made some stickers with our contact info to put on order forms. We’re almost ready to have an open house and also get out there to the Farmer’s Market and craft fairs. We’re both pretty pumped.

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Photo-A-Day #1825

I once wrote a post for Jim Kukral’s blog. Gary Vaynerchuk is writing a book called the Thank You Economy (I think he said that in his latest video.) My friend and client Ed Gerety is huge in gratitude, he blogs about it all the time and he lives it. This flower is actually from Ed and his wife Suzanne. Thank you guys! Continue reading Gratitude