1st Solo Demo

Okay, so today I did my first demonstration on my own, without a net. It went well. The sales guys seemed pretty happy with my performance. I personally, think that I did okay but will do better next time because I know where mistakes were made. Now I am observing another demonstration and this guy is really polished, I’m going to be that polished someday too.

But I’m sitting here behind all the doctors and one guy has something on the back of his shirt. It may be dirt, a dead bug or a booger, I don’t know! But all I want to do is reach over and flick it off. I probably shouldn’t do so though. I can’t concentrate, my eyes keep getting drawn to this mysterious speck. My only hope is that he has a violent coughing fit and it falls off. Not that I want him in discomfort but I can’t stop staring at the spot. It’s like talking to someone with a bat in the cave or something in their teeth. It’s distracting. And being subtle doesn’t always work. So I try not to be rude and wait till they stop and take a breath so I can say, “Go like this (motions finger across teeth, or two fingers squeeze the sides of my nose.)” And if I say that to you don’t ask me, “What, a booger, or do I have something in my teeth?” YES! What, do you think I just want you to look silly, NO. I want you to take out that three inch piece of asparagus that is precariously seconds away from flying out of your mouth and onto my face. The same goes for crumb dusters, wipe your mouth, don’t make me point it out to you.

The speck is still there. Must control… Flick…. Of Death….

God, I need a PDA with a qwerty keyboard.

Okay, guy with speck on shirt, which I think was a dead fly, has left. What I am now also noticing by being in the back of the room is that someone should invent a better way for someone to see the back of their own heads. Some folks really have nice hair and others need to see the back of their own heads. Occasionally running your hand through your hair might help too. Yeah, I’ve given these things way too much thought.