I’m in Iowa

Well, I just landed in Iowa, got to the hotel. They gave me a Toyota Matrix, not a bad little car. I finished Shockwave by Clive Cussler and will probably start Flood Tide on the flights back on Thursday. Nothing much to report on today. At least this hotel has free high speed Internet.

I just realized that I do have a few things to talk about.

1.) The guy who was badly burned on my street is in ICU at Brigham and Women’s. He was airlifted from Sturdy. Our neighbor who helped the guy who was burned, was also burned on his hands.

2.) While on the plane I found a couple of interesting websites on the American Way magazine pages.

The first on is called Wannado, it is an amusement park for kids who want to try different types of jobs. This place lets them be surgeons for a day and things like that. They have dummies with realistic skin and the kids scrub in and work on the dummies. They can also be bankers and grocery store owners, pizza makers, and firefighters and things like that. There is one Wannado City in Orlando and they are looking to expand to other cities. Sounds like an interesting thing to do with your kids, if you have kids.

The second site was Ecreamery. This site lets you custom make your own ice cream. But be warned it is wicked expensive. One gallon in 4 quart containers is $89.95 I love ice cream and always wanted a strawberry ice cream with white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips in it but that ridiculous. I’m gonna get me some chips and strawberry ice cream and a mixer. And maybe save $85.00. Check them out though, they have some wacky flavors like Rose and Maize. And some weird toppings like cheddar cheese. Yeah I’d like the Nachito flavored ice cream, make sure it has extra jalapenos.

The last site is for Custom M&M’s. And the pricing on this is a little bit more reasonable. You can have your own custom messages on the M&M’s. So for wedding favors and whatnot. Although if you go that route on your wedding favors you better have some bucks. The smallest package is $3.25 each with a minimum order of 16 packages or $60.00.