A Field of Guac – Vlog 9

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snack stadum field of guac

Today was the day where I took photos of the fully assembled snack stadium that I will be completely unveiling on Monday in a blog post with Tutorial. However, I have an early preview of the actual snack stadium assembled in today’s vlog. Allison was a lifesaver by making the field of guac that was on top of a multi-layer taco dip with queso for one end zone and salsa as the other. She also made me carrot players with olive helmets.

I didn’t even get to sample this snack stadium. I had to run off to work, but Allison and her friends enjoyed it. They had the whole stadium to themselves and made a considerable dent into it. I’ll be using it again for some other events at work as we get closer to The Big Game. Take a look.

Vlog Transcript:

Main Video:

Hey this is Drew Bennett from BenSpark.com and today is day 9 of vloging every day for 2016. I got up a little early because I had to help out with the snack stadium which is actually my whole thing that I am doing because there’s a blog post that is going up on Monday. That’s going to give a tutorial on how to make a snack stadium as well as its a sponsored post for Collective Bias. I do a lot of sponsored posts with Collective Bias and their sponsor and that is whatever the corporation is that is for “The Big Game”.

You and I know what “The Big Game” is and I can only say “The Big Game” and I sound so pretentious with those air quotes. That’s all you can say because it is copyrighted and you can’t say anything else other than that about it. You can’t mention teams because you can’t show favoritism or anything like that. And that’s fine, ‘cause that’s what the sponsor wants and I’m getting paid to do it so, and there’s also a contest so who has the best snack stadium can win some prizes and I don’t want to screw that up. And so I’m recording this video again because I recorded it earlier and in the video I had my kids in the video just showing the snack stadium. I really shouldn’t have that because the blog post, they require that no children, under the age of 12, are shown with the candy or the snacks or anything like that. So, there won’t be any pictures of the kids with these or any video of the kids showing the snack stadium. So, I’ll just give you a little preview of the snack stadium and some amazing help from my awesome wife Allison who helped me by putting together the whole field. She did a great job on the field there. Kinda show you a little bit about the snack stadium and be back in a moment to say goodbye.

Snack Stadium Video:

Here’s the completed snack stadium. We got some little people here tailgating, some cars. We got kinda like a fountain area with SNICKERS®, and M&M’s®, and Skittles®. We’ve got some Pepsi™ on the other side. Getting over into the field we have some players on either side with some olives and carrots. We have some goal posts made out of pretzel sticks and we’ve got all sorts of chips and such over there. And I owe so much of it, so much help to my lovely wife Allison who is helping me even now light this thing so I can take some pictures. That is the snack stadium. The full blog post will be up Monday talking about how that came about.

Main Video:

So thanks, I’m glad you watched that. Hey, you can find me, I’m Drew Bennett from BenSpark.com. You can find me on Instagram as BenSpark. On Twitter as BenSpark. At facebook.com/ImNotAFamousBlogger. And right here, you can subscribe and check out all my videos for 2016 for my vlog a day. And today’s question. Today’s question is “What is your favorite snack when watching “The Big Game”? Thank you.