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A Field of Guac – Vlog 9

Photo-A-Day #3926
snack stadum field of guac

Today was the day where I took photos of the fully assembled snack stadium that I will be completely unveiling on Monday in a blog post with Tutorial. However, I have an early preview of the actual snack stadium assembled in today’s vlog. Allison was a lifesaver by making the field of guac that was on top of a multi-layer taco dip with queso for one end zone and salsa as the other. She also made me carrot players with olive helmets.

I didn’t even get to sample this snack stadium. I had to run off to work, but Allison and her friends enjoyed it. They had the whole stadium to themselves and made a considerable dent into it. I’ll be using it again for some other events at work as we get closer to The Big Game. Take a look.

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All Fun and Games… ‘Til

Photo-A-Day #2919

I love Andrew and his fun and excited ways. He freaks out when I come downstairs screaming Dada. He is now asking people for “up”. He comes toddling over in his drunken wobbly walk and lifts his arms and face up to you pleading to be picked up. Most of the time once he is up he twists like a whirling dervish and attempts to throw himself to the floor. He has to be completely dead asleep to lay softly and quietly on my shoulder. But when he does it is the best feeling ever. Getting him out of the car when he is asleep and he lifts his eyes sleepily, gives a tiny smile and lays his head on my shoulder and I melt.

Of course I did not dare touch him in this bean and guacamole state of his. I had to run to work.