A Fine Front Porch Morning

Photo-A-Day #3423

Our last morning on the Cape was very short. We hung out and had breakfast on the front porch and then time for walks. The kids were funny and they played together nicely. Andrew and Dylan got along well and they are going to be little scamps as they get older. I can already see them conspiring together.

After breakfast Eva wanted to go over to the little pond where I shot photos yesterday. She wanted to have some time to sketch. She took her big sketch pad and a pencil and we talked about what to sketch. I pointed out how the rays of the sun came down through the clouds like lines of light. She stopped and sketched clouds with lines coming down. What is funny is that my Dad came over a little after us and he caught up with us and pointed out the exact same thing to her and said it the exact same way. I know that I got my eye from my Dad.

We headed home for a dentist appointment. Eva did fantastic. Andrew got to ride in the chair and have his teeth checked out. He was awesome as well. With the appointments over and done with we had a lunch at JD’s Restaurant and then headed home so that I could get some sleep before work.

It was nice to have that wonderful morning on the Cape.