A Quick Dip

Photo-A-Day #1689

A lazy Sunday at the house. I actually got to sleep a little late for the first time in months. I mean month after month I have been waking up at 5:00am and heading to the gym before work. I do that so much that I cannot sleep at all past 6:00 at the latest. So a nice late sleep, priceless.

Woke up, went to church and then took Eva for a nice long walk to get her to sleep. Today she actually did sleep, she cried a couple of blocks (she fights this all the time) but then fell asleep and stayed asleep through a very long walk, so long that she got to go for another walk with Memere.

Food shopping. Dinner with Eva, Tubby time for Eva and then we watched Chicken Little and shared some popcorn till she was tired and I put her to bed. Like I said, a lazy Sunday.

Contests are going on here on BenSpark.com if you didn’t already know. You have two days left to enter the contest for foneGEAR, you could win $50 worth of foneGEAR prizes, Just enter thefoneGEAR giveaway here. I’m also helping get the word out about another contest, this time for an Eye-Fi Wireless SD card. I got one from SocialSpark to give away so one lucky person (actually there are 12 up for grabs and there are other people who got the card including Chris Pirillo). You can enter the Eye-Fi contest on this post. One thing I noticed about the Eye-Fi. We already know that it works wirelessly when powered by the camera but when you pop it into the SD slot of a computer it also gets power and does its thing. I know this because my phone gives me updates when the card is uploading. I am liking this card more and more. Still not a fan of the geotagging but like the card despite that weak feature.

Also this past Wednesday I went to CT and saw Gary Vaynerchuk. I got a copy of Crush It signed to give away to one of the BenSpark.com members. You can enter the Crush It Signed book contest here.

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