Fun at Kidz Wurld

Fun at Kidz Wurld
Photo-A-Day #1688

This morning we brought Eva to a place called Kidz Wurld. It is an indoor kids play area. Eva had a great time and really liked the kitchen play area as well as the bounce house. They even have these little cars that are on ramps that the kids can ride on. Eva loved those.

I did try and get Eva to ride a little Harley-Davidson Tricycle but she went for the Dora the Explorer bus instead. Oh man. I sent my dad a little video of that and he said, “Give her time”. I figure that she only really likes the real thing anyway. Smart kid.

We met up with my high school friend Marybeth and her son. They were there with a Mom’s group and I saw that she was planning on coming this way today so I asked where, she was the one who told me about KidzWurld. So I looked on their site, got a coupon and we headed over. It was a pretty nice little place with tons of things for the kids.

The other day I went and decided to buy a Motorola Droid. I’ve talked with many people and they are happy with it, very happy with it. It has been too long that I have been missing a smartphone. I’ve loved my LG EnV for such a long time but it doesn’t do everything I need to stay connected with my online life. Sure it was an amazing phone for texting and I will miss the keyboard because it was perfect and such a tactile experience. The Droid’s keyboard is a little different and will take some major getting used to in order to type as fast as I do now on the EnV.

I ordered Allison a new phone as well, an EnV 3. Tonight we picked up a few of the needed accessories like protective covers and whatnot online. I picked up a couple of things from DayDeal was recommended to me two years ago by Mr. Fab. They have great covers for so many phones, Allison and I both have them for our EnVs which we got from I wish they had an affiliate program because their products are great.

So I’m excited very much for the DROID. I’ve been playing around with the site. One little fun fact that I did not know until today is that DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license. Very cool.