A Stop at Pudding Rock

Photo-A-Day #3300

On the first day of Spring Break for Eva we went for a fun family walk around the La Salette Shrine trails. We decided to do the long loop, the Oak Forest Loop. For the most part the kids were good for this walk. Andrew was melty and tired so he was a bit cranky and didn’t want Allison to carry him and then he did and he wanted nothing to do with me at all. Eva put on her cruise director hat and decided that she was the tour guide who knew everything about the trail. I appreciate that she is so independently spirited and smart but sometimes I just want to walk in the woods.

Allison shot this one of me and the kids. I didn’t take my tripod or we would have done a family one as well. Oh and the Rock that Allison and the kids are sitting on is called Pudding Rock.

Family Hike with the Kids

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