Book Review: The Big Rig

The Big Rig

We were sent a copy of The Big Rig to read and review. Opinions of the book are 100% our own.

As you know we have a rambunctious little 2 1/2 year old boy. He loves climbing things and having fun, saying words and making loud noises. I thought The Big Rig would be a perfect book for Andrew because it is about an 18 wheeler named Frankie who travels the country hauling freight. What little kid can resist giant 18 wheelers.

To me, you could drop Frankie right into the Cars universe. He’s got that same look. The book is filled with all sorts of trucker lingo and some great words that make big sounds when you say them correctly. The sound of windshield wipers in the rain, a tire blowout, the Jake brake and of course the horn of and 18 wheeler. I have so much fun reading the story to Andrew and really playing up those sounds.

The book is beautifully illustrated, easy to read and fun. I’ve made that a part of our nighttime routine, so each night we haul freight with Frankie.


Big Rig
By Jamie A. Swenson
Illustrated by Ned Young
On Sale: 2/4/14
Age: 3–5
Price: $16.99
ISBN: 1423163303

Come along for the ride as Frankie the big rig truck takes us on the job, driving past kiddie cars (school buses) and land yachts (RVs). Hear the horn blow and the wipers schwat the windshield clean. But, BANG! SHHUUU! Uh-oh: a blow-out! Don’t worry, a service truck saves the day so we can get the job done and make a very special delivery.

Every kid will love to learn the truck driver lingo in the story, and shout out their own sound effects as they return for another ride, read after read. Author Jamie Swenson takes readers from zero to sixty with her fast-talking truck and Ned Young’s bright and engaging illustrations.

Jamie A. Swenson received her MFA from Hamline University. She works as an early literacy storyteller and librarian at the Hedberg Public Library in Janesville, Wisconsin where she shares fabulous books with children and adults. Jamie lives with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, and one lazy cat. Jamie would love to go on a trip with a big rig like Frankie—URRRRNNNT-URRRRNNNT! Cruise on over to her website

Ned Young is a self-taught painter and illustrator whose work has been published on a variety of merchandise, including prints, calendars, puzzles, mugs, and greeting cards. He is the author and illustrator of the Zoomer series. He lives in Brigham City, Utah. Visit him at

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  1. Drew,
    This looks like a really delightful book. The cover drawing looks great as well so I’m sure the rest of the book is well illustrated. My daughter would actually love this. Thanks for the post!

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