And the Winners are…

I am very pleased with the Win an XShot from BenSpark contest that ran this past month, there were some great entries. I got to give away three XShots supplied by Michael from XShot, he also supplied the promo code of XSHOTVOTE for $5.50 off your very own XShot. And that promo code is good until tomorrow 7/31/07, so make use of it while you still can.

If you haven’t gotten your own XShot yet I suggest you do so, because during the month of September there will be an XShot specific Photo Contest Sponsored by with some great prizes. Get yourself a great photography device and win great prizes, what could be better?

Congratulations to each of the winners for the Win an XShot from BenSpark Contest.


I have already contacted the winners and mailed off their prizes.

Raesmom won her very own XShot as well as a pro account on Flickr. Which she generously gave to her sister-in-law, sharing the love is excellent.

Marsha also won an XShot and a $5.00 gift certificate for Kodak Gallery.

Amanda won the third prize which was an XShot that she can use to chronicle her very interesting life in Taiwan.

I hope that you folks send me some of the photos that you take with your new XShots.

Oh Yeah, I promised another prize, the BenSpark’s Choice Prize. I thought long and hard about this all weekend. I know that folks mentioned that Stephen The Dog should get the special prize. And while I think that his photo was amazing (seeing as he has no thumbs) I wanted to give the BenSpark’s Choice prize to a participant who really got the essence of the contest and who’s photo made me smile each time I saw it.

I have decided to award the prize to Meeyauw because that photo of her and Wingnut makes me laugh time and time again.

XShot Contestant #5

I love her blog posts about her adventures with Wingnut. While I can’t give Meeyauw another XShot, I can give Meeyauw something that she can use with those great photos that she is already taking.

Meeyauw, I will be e-mailing you a $10.00 gift certificate from Kodak Gallery. Congratulations.

Thanks so much for all the entries. Next month’s contest will be very easy and simple to be entered. The prize will be photography related. That’s all I’m saying till Wednesday. Watch for Wednesday’s Photo-A-Day for more details.

14 thoughts on “And the Winners are…”

  1. What a fun FUN contest – my first enetered via Blogger! The prizes are phenomenal and the host E-X-T-R-A-O-R-D-I-N-A-R-E!!! A VERY SPECIAL GONGRATS to other winners for keeping the contest lively and SPECIAL RECOGNITION to ALL contestants…All who came by to vote, look, order were enlightened and humored by your creative campaigns and funny yet genuine prsentations. YOU made us all, the viewers, WINNERS, too!
    PS TO note, I’m first at something! 😉

  2. :-))

    Yippee!! I finally win something! Wingnut and I are talking over today’s plans when I remembered that today was the day!

    Thank you SO much for this, I know exactly which photo I will redeem this at Kodak with. I really appreciate it!

    See you later, Drew!

  3. Hi Marsha,
    I just sent your XShot so you should get it later this week. Thanks so much for all the promotion to the contest and all the cool things you did. Glad you enjoyed it. Enjoy the gift certificate as well, that should have already been mailed to you.

  4. Drew, I’m sorry but it won’t be of me and Wingnut. I have thousands of photos of him and me and of him and me.

    But I had a cat, Frankie, who died 6 years ago. He was the best that ever lived. I only have ONE photo of him anywhere, on this computer, and I need to back it up and get it in a frame.

    I apologize, but I simply have to do this.

    I have put photo a day on my sidebar. And I enclosed it in
    div style=”text-align: center;”
    tags to get it to center in the sidebar (like i do with most everything) but now it isn’t working!

    It is right under the recent comments widget.

    I am very pleased to have quality content on the blog.

  5. That is a wonderful use of the gift certificate. I will add your blog to my list of PAD hosts. I’m very happy to have you hosting my Photo-A-Day on your blog. I can see it. The words are in a different color so I don’t see them but I see the photo. Thanks. I’ll add you to my sidebar list.

  6. too bad so sad.

    not just last but DEAD last…that will teach me to go on vacation at such a crucial time!!!

  7. I’m pretty sure that Stephen will bounce back, he’s a very advanced dog and is on to his next challenge.

  8. Don’t worry Mo there are going to be more contests in the coming month including one from XShot again. But this time it is a Photo contest where you need to use and XShot.

  9. I just got home from taking my cousins on a trip around this little island I live on and . . . .what did I find in my mailbox but my very own little xshot!!

    I am surprised it made it across the ocean as quickly as it did, and I’m super excited about trying it out.

    Thanks so much!!

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