Andrew at Church

Another Sleepy Sunday

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Got home today and went to Church with Allison, Andrew, Mom and Dad. Eva was off with her Auntie Tara on the second half of her sleepover. She had a great time visiting with Auntie Tara and Uncle Erik. Andrew was very good in Church and we has dressed up so cute and nice.

Andrew at Church

I had to leave right after Church and get back to the house to sleep but before sleep would come I needed to put out all of the bags of leaves from the cleanup from the past couple of weeks. Over 20 bags this time. No idea why I had more bags than I did when I cleaned all the leaves in the Fall.

Springtime Leaves

After that I slept and slept so hard that I never heard Allison come in and out of the room, leave something on the bed, open drawers and do other things. These earplugs I got are great!

Skateboarding LEGO girl. Very cool minifig.