App Alert: Learn with Tiggly

Andrew Playing with the Tiggly Shapes

I was sent a set of Tiggly Shapes to try out along with the Tiggly Apps so that I could review them. Opinions are 100% my own.

To be perfectly honest I was not excited about this product review. I haven’t had good luck with accessories for the iPad in the past and figured that this would be more of the same. Also we had a couple of first generation iPads and every app lately had been crashing. Through a series of events we ended up getting an iPad air for the family and it was perfect timing to try out Tiggly. I can say for certain that I am glad that I decided to respond positively to the pitch for a review. And here’s why.

Tiggly is a series of three apps that work with a set of four silicone shapes that pre-schoolers use to interact with the apps. The shapes are Circle, Triangle, Square and Star.

The Tiggly shapes

There are three apps, Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Stamp and Tiggly Draw. If you purchase the Tiggly Shapes the full app is unlocked but there is a free version to play, it isn’t as useful without the shapes, though.

We (Andrew and I) started with the Tiggly Safari. In this game your child is asked to place the Tiggly shapes on the iPad screen in order to create animals. Each animal is comprised of various shapes so there is a lot of switching and selecting and placing that happens. The animals are very cute and the game continues to encourage the child.

At first I had to help Andrew choose the different shapes. Then I had to say the names of the shapes for him to pick and after a half an hour of playing I didn’t have to tell him anything other than to remind him to be gentle with the screen. Just within that one half hour session he was able to choose and recognize the shapes and place them on the iPad over the correct symbol even when it was moving.

We tried out the Tiggly Draw and Tiggly Stamp apps as well but they didn’t hold Andrew’s interest as much as the Tiggly Safari. He really liked that and I found it to be much more engaging than the other two apps. Tiggly Draw and Tiggly Stamp are more free form than Tiggly Safari and I think that Andrew, like me, enjoys solving a problem so finding the correct shapes to create animals in the safari was more his thing.

I can offer you a 10% discount through November 30 off of the Tiggly shapes through the Tiggly Shopify page. Just enter TIGGLYLOVE10 at checkout.

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  1. I also have a couple iPad 1st gens that I kept for my kids. Besides the occasional crash, I’m very happy with how long they have lasted!
    I have a 2 year old that I bet would love this game! Thanks for the review!

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