Hero's Duty Interactive Comic Book

App Review: Hero’s Duty Interactive Comic Book

Hero's Duty Interactive Comic Book

Learn how Dr. Brad Scott and Tammy Calhoun met before the events of Wreck-It Ralph in this prequel interactive comic book from Disney. Tammy Calhoun, the tough as nails sergeant from Hero’s Duty, has her first encounter with the deadly cy-bugs. In this comic we learn the origin of the cy-bugs and why Tammy Calhoun and the Space Marines is fighting the bugs.

Hero's Duty Interactive Comic Book

The interactive comic is pretty sweet. I liked the artwork and the soundtrack and sound effects as well. I enjoyed the story and it worked very well as you move from panel to panel. I’ve always enjoyed comics on the iOS devices and this one is very good. It is a more serious comic than the very funny Wreck-It Ralph movie though. Plan accordingly with younger kids.

Features include:

  • 22 interactive comic pages filled with original artwork and unique one-of-a-kind games
  • Two reading modes: panel by panel and autoplay
  • Special sound effects and a new soundtrack inspired by highly anticipated movie

Hero’s Duty Interactive Comic ($1.99)

Disclosure: I received a copy of this interactive comic to try out and review. Opinions are 100% my own.