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App Review: Hero’s Duty Interactive Comic Book

Hero's Duty Interactive Comic Book

Learn how Dr. Brad Scott and Tammy Calhoun met before the events of Wreck-It Ralph in this prequel interactive comic book from Disney. Tammy Calhoun, the tough as nails sergeant from Hero’s Duty, has her first encounter with the deadly cy-bugs. In this comic we learn the origin of the cy-bugs and why Tammy Calhoun and the Space Marines is fighting the bugs. Continue reading App Review: Hero’s Duty Interactive Comic Book

App Review: Disney’s Finding Nemo Apps

Finding New Storybook Deluxe

With the release of Finding Nemo 3D in theaters two new apps have been released in the iTunes App Store. These are Finding Nemo: Storybook Deluxe and Finding Nemo Interactive Comic. We received each of these apps to check out and review. Here’s the official description of the apps.

“Kids can join Marlin and his forgetful friend, Dory, as they encounter hungry sharks, groovy turtles and other sea creatures in their quest across the ocean in search of Marlin’s lost son, Nemo. Through engaging narration, authentic underwater sound effects, and original graphics from the Academy Award winning movie, families can explore the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbor, and the world of reading together.”

Here’s what I thought of them. Continue reading App Review: Disney’s Finding Nemo Apps