Attleboro Easter Egg Hunt

Attleboro Easter Egg Hunt
Photo-A-Day #1457

Today Allison, Eva and I went to Attleboro to Capron Park Zoo. We visited the zoo and we also went for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. We also met up with our friend Michelle and her two kids. Eva loves spending time with them and we had a lot of fun. We only spent a little time in the zoo before it was time to walk over to the park to do the actual Easter egg hunt.

Oh my God! The Easter egg hunt was mass chaos. We stood around the park looking out at a sea of Easter eggs. People lined the entire park chomping at the bit to get out and pick up eggs. Once the DJ announced that we were free to go hunting the field was swarmed with kids and parents. Kids 1 – 10 could participate, there was a 1-5 area and a 6-10 area. I think there should have been a 1-2 1/2 area and then maybe 3 – 5 area and then 6 -10 because man the less than 2 year olds could not even get the broken bits of the eggs , they were so outmatched. Going to a free event like this is a really interesting place to observe human behavior. I’ve determined in my own little scientific way that no matter where you stand, be it a parade route, road race or in line at the deli, if you leave any possible room in front of you someone will inevitably just step in front of you like you were never there in the 1st place.

Other than people just being people we had a pretty nice time. The zoo was pretty empty and we got there early so we were able to see the animals active. I got some great shots and hope to have taken some good enough to enter into the zoo’s photography contest. Maybe this one of Ramses the White Lion.

Ramses the White Lion

The rest of my images from today are in my Easter Egg Hunt Flickr Set.

6 thoughts on “Attleboro Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. Chica,
    I’m pretty sure that at least one Photo of Ramses will make it into the contest. He’s just so awesome to take photos of. We’ll have to do an event for Eva so she can get some eggs too.

  2. Yeah Drew, people will always be people. I had the same problem with parking at the Cheiftain Friday night. Some people also have grab the parking spot, no matter how many others are waiting for it.

  3. Dad,
    I can imagine how fun that was. That place is small enough as it is. I hope that once you got inside it was a good time.

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