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Mike and Ike Tasty Treats and Hot Wheels Sweet Rides

Andrew on the Monkey Bars - His Way
Photo-A-Day #4049

Andrew and I went on a few errands today and then finished off with a trip to the zoo and playground. We had to go place the order for the food for Eva’s First Communion. We’re doing platters and sandwiches from Willow Tree. After that we ran over to the comic store to pick up comics. Andrew was a little crazy there but we survived that excursion. Lunch over at Wetherlane’s and Andrew entertained everyone around us as we were leaving by telling them that he flew down a slide and kicked me in the face. He’s a showman. I was attempting to get him to nap later.

When we got to Capron Park we went into the zoo first. He had gotten a lollipop at the comic book shop and wanted to eat it. I figure, let’s walk around and see all the animals and he can finish his lollipop. He did pretty well with it. Then we hit the playground and Andrew played on everything. His favorite thing to do now is to climb across the top of the monkey bars. I’m right there next to him within catching distance, so don’t worry.

For my vlog today I got a bunch of new Mike and Ike candy as well as new Peeps. Those were sent to me for a future promotion and I also spotlighted a few things that I bought recently. One was a 75th Anniversary Captain America Hot Wheels and then the other was a three-pack of Hot Wheels cars including All-New Captain America, Superior Iron Man and Miles Morales Spider Man. Check them out.

Look Who is Piggyback Riding

Photo-A-Day #3336

Granted, Allison took Andrew out on the Piggyback Rider last week for the first time ever. He liked it a lot. So, today when I had Andrew for the afternoon I decided to take him over to the zoo and we would walk over using the Piggyback Rider. I’ve noticed that Andrew stand on it much more stable than Eva ever did and so it is pretty enjoyable taking him for walks using the rider. I may try going for a hike soon and see how he does. I know it can get tiring for him to stand for so long. I’m hoping that we can enjoy a nice little hike together and I can carry him in this when he does get tired of walking.

We used my NXMini to take the selfie shot in smile Mode. This time he actually smiled.