Be Bold

Photo-A-Day #2694

Today was a recovery day since we have been going non-stop since Sunday. StoryLand was a nice trip but we were all exhausted today. Eva and I got up early and watched a few shows and then we did some coloring. Back a couple of weeks ago I did a shop for and ordered a box of 64 Crayola markers. I ended up returning the box because it was not completely full but found a full box at the local Target. When we were in Florida last Mimi bought a coloring pages set from Melissa and Doug at Lion Country Safari. These are the perfect pages for us to color with these new markers.

So, Eva and I colored for a long time and we also watched a couple of movies including The Rescuers. We also watched Chimpanzee as a family later in the afternoon. I was still knocked out from the previous couple of days as well as the weekend and I fell asleep during both movies. I think that Eva liked The Rescuers and she liked part of chimpanzee and slept through the rest of it.

Eva has a fever and Andrew is getting another tooth so once again we are totally thrown off our overall schedule. Andrew did have a well baby checkup and he’s doing very well and is nearly 20lbs. And he turned 9mos old yesterday, too.