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Some Relaxing Coloring Time

Coloring time
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01851

Allison has been subbing in Knidergarten for a few weeks now. She’s stepped up and is taking on this role like a champ. However, it is a stressful job to do because the kids need so much and because Allison cares so much. So, to wind down at night she’s been doing some relaxing coloring when not creating things on her new Cricut.

Crayola Family Escapes Group Coloring

Crayola Family Escapes Group Coloring
Photo-A-Day #4641

Santa brought us a great family gift. We got the Crayola Family Escapes Group Coloring set. This is a nice set of 6 different scenes that are broken into 4 separate pieces of paper. The idea behind this is that each member of the family color one part of the picture and then put them all together. Eva finished hers first and then she went on to color more in another book. Andrew colored one small part of his piece and he was done. He went on to play with his kinetic rock toy instead. I finished mine as we watched The Boss Baby on Netflix. Allison finished hers later tonight as we watched Outlander.

It was a quiet day to stay at home. Andrew and I began working on is giant LEGO set of Coast Guard boats and a helicopter. We took turns together building and he time passed quickly but it was so fun just to be there building with him. He stopped on a few occasions to hug me and tell me that he enjoyed building with me. It was a nice day.