Beasts of Balance New Packs

All new Beasts and Battle Cards for Beasts of Balance

Playing Beasts of Balance

About a year ago we received a copy of Beasts of Balance to review. This is a great game that is a cross between Jenga and a world building video game. Recently the game’s app was upgraded and all new beasts were added into the mix. There was also another way in which to play. Now players can battle each other with the new beasts and all new battle cards. We were given a set of these new beasts and also these new battle cards to play with and review. When Andrew saw the package he was a very excited. We opened them immediately to play. We also recorded our gameplay in a video. It is long but shows how the new Battle Mode works really well.

The other day we had Eva’s birthday party and while all of her friends and she made stress balls I was with Andrew and his two younger cousins. While they are all below the recommended age to play the game (It is recommended for ages 7+) it did not matter. They enjoyed playing the game together. They were very focused on stacking the beasts and other pieces. It showed great manual dexterity and fine motor skills for them to play the game. AS they get older they will also understand the other concepts of the game where they not only have to balance the physical pieces but maintain a balance in the world that they are creating in the app. It is a game that will grow with the children.

Andrew and Kylie playing Beasts of Balance

We played a few rounds until it was time for the younger kids to make their own stress balls. I was happy because the game got three rather wild and rambunctious kids to stop hitting each other with fake swords and hammers for ten minutes. They were so intent on the balancing and so engaged by the figures that they simply focused on the game and played nicely together.

More about Beasts of Balance and the new upgraded app and new beasts and battle cards.

The award-winning augmented reality stacking game from Sensible Object just got a serious upgrade, the Beasts of Balance Battle mode + Expansions are here! Beasts of Balance, the Jenga meets Pokemon Go augmented reality stacking game is taking it up a notch with new BATTLES competitive gameplay mode, MORE BEASTS for new stacking challenges and creations in the digital beastiary, and LEGENDARY creatures for exciting disruptions and abilities.

If you don’t already know, Beasts of Balance is a fun, interactive game that delivers the ultimate collaborative gaming experience. Functioning as a dual tabletop and video game using the latest technology, you build a tower of ‘Beasts,’ connect each beautifully designed playing piece to watch the creatures come to life in the iOS and Android compatible app through enhanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Now, the upgrades provide MORE fun, MORE inventiveness and MORE play value! Here are some key new features in the expansion packs:

Beasts of Balance Battles: The app update is already available – check it out! You can now compete against your friends to become ruler of the digital world. Purchase Battle Cards that employ innovative technology to introduce exciting, frustrating and entertaining twists and turns for a refresh in a competitive way. MSRP $19.99

More Beasts: Chameleon, Angler Fish and Flamingo enter the game. More challenging to stack and endless new Beast creations in the digital world. MSRP $29.99

Legendary: Moby Brick The Space Whale; Hotbelly The Hangry Dragon; Fancyprance The Fabulous Unicorn; and Omnibeast The Majestic Mimic come out to play for some hilarious, magical, crazy action. MSRP $19.99 each

I am providing you links to the game and accessories because this is one of those games that I truly believe will be a hit with kids of all ages. Battling is so much fun and seeing how each animal evolves is also fun. Andrew just loves the Hogtapus and tries to make one each time we play. The links are to Amazon and they are affiliate links. this means that if you follow our links and buy the game then you are helping our family and blog be able to continue to bring you honest and fun reviews.