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All new Beasts and Battle Cards for Beasts of Balance

Playing Beasts of Balance

About a year ago we received a copy of Beasts of Balance to review. This is a great game that is a cross between Jenga and a world building video game. Recently the game’s app was upgraded and all new beasts were added into the mix. There was also another way in which to play. Now players can battle each other with the new beasts and all new battle cards. We were given a set of these new beasts and also these new battle cards to play with and review. When Andrew saw the package he was a very excited. We opened them immediately to play. We also recorded our gameplay in a video. It is long but shows how the new Battle Mode works really well.

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National Cheeseburger Day at KS’s Classic Burger Bar

National Cheeseburger Day
Photo-A-Day #4541

Tonight is Marcia and Dan’s last night up here. They head home in the morning. We knew that getting back into the week and everything else would make for a tough time getting dinner together. So, after I picked up Eva from Theater (She got a really nice role this year) we headed to House of Fortune. However, Allison called to let us know that it was a Monday and it was closed. I remembered that it was National Cheeseburger day and so I told her that we should go to KC’s Classic Burger Bar. I did not have to twist any arms at that suggestion.

We had our customary appetizer of Fried Pickles but Monday’s are also $0.50 wing night and we got 10 wings to split as well. Allison and I got a Super Sport with Bacon to split. That is what is pictured above. It is a cheeseburger with their homemade spicy mayo sauce which has a name that changed and so now I forget the actual new name, but it tastes great, plus fried pickle chips and more. We split that which was a good idea since we were pretty filled up from the appetizers. There were plenty of shakes going around, too. Andrew, Dano, Marcia and Allison got them. It was a very tasty meal and a nice way to enjoy the last night with Mimi and Dano.

Now the kids are introducing Mimi and Dano to Beasts of Balance. It is a fantastic game for families. I did a review of it yesterday. Dano just scored 129 points in the game, the highest score we have ever seen!