Being Productive…

So I tried to make good use of my time today. Some may argue that my time was not made of good use. I spent a lot of time blogging, checking on some things online, participating in online forums and watching webisodes. That is how I spent my day. I sent some e-mails to friends, researched the Nintendo Wii, updated some of my paid PPP posts. Those would be the posts for which I have already received the money. I added a blurb of disclaimer information to each of those posts. I think at this time I can take them down but they have become part of this blog and I am not looking to sever those posts from the main body of the blog just yet. There are some opportunities that I really liked too, like the Photography Corner, the Beach Cruisers and many others.

At PPP they are doing a rap smackdown between Posties. The funny thing is that many posties are mommy bloggers (Not that there is anything wrong with that, some of those blogs are great.) and people who are as geeky as me. So imagine that in the next rap world tour. See I just made up something that probably doesn’t exist like a rap world tour. Anyway it is a very tongue in cheek smackdown that was started by Ted and then Ted called out one of the more prolific Posties, Colleen, and charged her with laying the smack down on Chad. Colleen gave Chad the business and charged him with smacking down Julie, the Postie Bride from the PayPerPost Wedding. I think Chad charged Julie with Smacking down Amy, the top earner at PayPerPost, she’s got almost $3500.00 in PPP money so far. So they set this up as a video and video response chain on YouTube. It is funny stuff.

I also caught up on what other Posties have done with some of the recent video opportunities. There are some fun and talented people out there who are very creative.

I caught up on The Office deleted scenes which were very funny. I also watched the Pilot Episode of the Fishbowl with Bill Maher, there are 12 episodes from this season to watch and they should be very interesting.

I also finished making the bowling video. I have all the pictures and the videos with the transitions all laid out, it is rendering right now.

Well, I have caught up on all things Internet for now, I’ve got to put up a few posts and then hit the bed for some sleep. Seeing as I had to pay for Internet Access today, I was going to make some good use of it. I have a feeling that tomorrow will be a long and unproductive day for me. Let’s hope that I get home when I am supposed to. Which will be 6:00pm. Fun stuff.

While waiting for the bowling video to render I watched a little bit of the TBS show called My Boys, not to shabby a show. You can watch the full episodes online.