Monday 11/27/06 Hs/Ss

Last night Monday night TV was really good.

This didn’t go up till today. I didn’t want anyone to miss it.

How I met Your Mother – Wayne Brady guest stars as, wait for it…. Barney’s brother. They are not brother’s from another mother, they are brothers from the same mother, who in the flashbacks wasn’t the best role model. It explains a bit why Barney is how he is. Wayne Brady is actually Barney’s gay brother and the episode was hilarious. This show gets better and better. I loved the dynamic of the two of them on screen as brothers. Then Barney becomes an uncle because his brother, the gay version of Barney has come out as… Monogamous. This crushes Barney’s world, he has nothing against gay marriage, he is against marriage in general. His quip about if the gays begin to marry than the straight people will follow the trend and marry too and spread their monogamy everywhere. It was very funny. The most priceless was when Barney’s brother and Barney were arguing and Barney’s brother said there is going to be a baby. The way Barney’s defenses were shattered was fantastic. The flash forward to the wedding and the baby in the suit was great too. And Marshall’s love for fruity drinks was classic.

How I met Your Mother – It was a great episode. I loved the discussion about the differences between singles and couples in a club/bar. I thought I was an old fuddy-duddy because I was getting old, apparently it’s because I’m part of a couple. Who knew? Once again I say it … This show is… wait for it… Awesome! So, Suit up!

The Class – More interaction among the cast, that was very good. A happy ending for Richie and Lina, also good. Some hope for Nicole and Duncan again good. And Ethan’s tentative arm on Kat and quickly removing it was great. They are really going to work that storyline for a while. I liked the episode a lot.

The Class Great episode. I think Richie is too cute! And the scenes with Ethan and Kyle and Holly when Kyle was relaying messages between the two – it was too funny!

Heroes – Rewind 6 months. We learn so much about how things happened. How Nathan’s wife ended up in a wheelchair, who Sylar is and how he got started, Why Eden works for Claire’s father, what happened to Hiro, A little of Matt, Who Jessica was, that is a more and more interesting power of Nikki’s. I learned last night that DL used to be on Buffy, he was one of The Initiative.

Heroes – This was a good episode. The promise of learning who Sylar is was a bit of a let down – we really didn’t learn a lot about him or why he is killing those with special abilities.

CSI Miami – Caine stands at oblique angles. He does it some more, and he does it a little more. He overuses one’s name again and again. I pretty much forgot what the episode was about. Yes, I remember now, it was about a soldier killed in Iraq, accidentally, but then deliberately covered up by the man who shot him. When are people going to realize that Caine will find the truth. He had some line last night that he likes to use over and over but I forgot it. I’m sure he will say it again next week.

CSI Miami – Well, it wouldn’t be much of a show if people just confessed when they saw Caine come into the investigation, now would it, Drew?? Geez!
Seriously though, I like this show. Drew and I have a blast making fun of Caine’s little idiocyncracies – like standing at funny angles, looking anywhere BUT at the person he is addressing, using people’s names like they might not know he is talking to them. It’s fun.