Photo-A-Day #602 12/01/06

Photo-A-Day 602 120106

So the big freeze is on here in St. Louis. This is the view from the concierge lounge to the airport. No activity over there as of yet. I’m holed up till tomorrow where I have a flight at 8:35am and then my next one at 2:45pm. I get home at 6:00pm. Lucky me. But I am making the best of t. I purchased some internet access so I could have something to do and I’m going to be productive on the aStore. The Sales guy who was traveling with me had an airport adventure this morning. He’s now staying at my hotel, we’ll probably grab dinner somewhere tonight. Although we are both, sans vehicle.

I’m hanging out down in the atrium area, they have these mirrored tables and cast iron chairs, they are cold and a mirrored table does not allow an optical mouse to work properly, just an FYI.

Photo-A-Day 602c 120106

The ice is not melting very quickly but the sky is now blue. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Photo-A-Day 602b 120106

I could always check on what Stephen the Dog is up to. I think that Stephen the Dog should throw a link to the BenSpark on his site and also a link to Dog Eat Doug, that would go well with the theme of Stephen the Dog‘s site.