Big Damn Heroes… PAD #1038

Big Damn Heroes... PAD #1038

Allison has been knitting for almost a year now and she has completed many awesome projects including scarves, hats and some great blankets. Before she started knitting she had found a pattern for the Jayne Cobb hat from the Firefly episode “The Message” we both were fans of Firefly and Serenity and were so excited about it. Well, cut to a year or more later and we finally have them.

Allison ordered the materials and had the first hat complete within a couple of days. Then came the second adult hat and then a baby hat. The baby hat is a little small for Eva so she is saving that one for the next baby. That hat also fits the cats. If you can catch them long enough to get them to wear it and sit still.

Please see the photos below and look at the ones with the cats wearing the hats. I’m looking for some good i can has cheez burger type quotes for the images. I’ll pick my favorites and post them. You can drop the quote on flickr or on this blog.

Here are the rest of the Big Damn Hero photos. Check out me trying to look Bad Ass, it is a riot, especially when you understand that I am a giant Teddy Bear. And these Hats would have been great for the Serenity sneak peak premiere.

The "LDH" - Confused The "LDH" - Happy The "LDH" - Concerned The "LDH" - Hat Tied
Furry "LDH" Furry "LDH" Furry "LDH" Furry "LDH"
A BDH and a LDH A BDH and a LDH A BDH and a LDH A Cunning Hat
A BDH and a LDH A BDH and a LDH A BDH and a LDH A BDH and a LDH

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16 thoughts on “Big Damn Heroes… PAD #1038”

  1. can’t breathe…laughing…too…hard…the CAT…the CAT!

    Allison and Eva look completely adorable, you look…disturbing, yet so Jayne-like. I’m going to work on an LOLCat caption for one of those photos!

  2. I was going to get my Megatron (the new nerf looking one not the original. I never had the original) for the photo but then that would have been way too Jayne-like.

    Yeah Allison and Eva are always gonna look cute even when they try and look tough.

    Looking forward to the caption.

  3. I can’t wait to see your little pumpkin smiling! 🙂

    Wonderful hats, my grandmother used to knit a bunch of stuff for me, never liked them then, but wish I had them now.

    The second cat one, is the best one.. SO funny!

    As for a caption.. hmm.

    How about…

    I can knitz ya some choniez ….Britney.

    Or perhaps…

    I can knitz ya some capz…..God.

    Or even..nm that’s all I got! 🙂

  4. I love Oliver’s expression in the second photo. He looks freaked out. What is “choniez”? Drop the captions on the images and e-mail them to me, I’m putting together a post of images that people have added their captions to.

  5. Great shots, hon! That second one of Ollie is too damn funny!! I do love our “Little Damn Hero.”

  6. Oh my Drew! Choniez are the holy of all things under your pants. Some people call them panties, some call them underwear, and apparently, Idahoans are the only one’s who call them choniez originally spelled chonies. 🙂

  7. Never heard of them. We cal them underwear in New England. That is an interesting word. Makes the quote much more funny now.

  8. Good job Allison! Those are so cool. You all look spiffy, even the cat. Lynn and I are headed to FL today. Hope the weather gets better.

  9. I hope the weather gets better too. My poor father is stuck there and can’t go on his motorcycle ride to Key West because of the major rainstorms. So I hope you have good luck with the weather.

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