My Dad hates wires…

Whenever we get new electronics that have to be charged then a whole new set of wires comes with them. Having a bunch of wires on the desk or hanging below it is ugly at best, dangerous at the worst and just plain messy in between. This is one of my Dad’s pet peeves, ugly wires hanging all over.

I have quite a few gadgets including an ipod, a zune and a cell phone, each has it’s own set of wires and charging cords. Because I would like our house to have a nice and neat look I think that this electronics charger station from would be perfect for our desk at home as well as for my desk at work.

Charging station

It would be perfect at home because my wife and I have the exact same phone and bluetooth headsets. We could use the 3 bays to charge a phone, a headset and an MP3 player. So maybe I should get Allison an iPod like mine so we only have to plug in three chargers and can alternate between my devices and her devices on the charging station. The charging station would also give us more room and more storage space while hiding those unsightly wires. With a baby in the house hiding wires and anything else she can pull would be key.

I’d certainly love to have one to test out and show the before and after transformation of the desk area when using this product. It isn’t very expensive either. You also get a surge protector built right into the station. There is also a shelf and a drawer to additional items. Desk organization here I come.

6 thoughts on “My Dad hates wires…”

  1. I would certainly like to use one of these.

    A Zune is microsoft’s answer to the iPod. I won one in a contest online. It is pretty cool, not a great battery life but a bigger screen than the iPod.

  2. I like this item a lot. If I can charge up to three things at once, using only one wall outlet, that would be wicked cool. We don’t have a ton of wall outlets here. Also kitties like to chew on wires, so there’s that to consider.

    Mike and I each have a cell phone (but not the same ones this time, though, he didn’t want a camera phone like I got). I have an iPod and a video and regular camera to charge on a regular basis, as well.

    Heck, this would even be great for when we travel. We usually drive to vacation places, so all we’d have to do is put the whole shebang in the car, right?

    Very cool…I’m seriously wanting to get one. Thanks! 🙂

  3. It really is a pretty great idea. I saw Cali Lewis create a large one for her home and all over her devices. It was really cool. This is a nice one and fits well with the decor. And hiding the wires from the cats is great.

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