Bottle of Dom…

Yesterday Tara and Erik closed on their house. They are all moved into the apartment and they are giving away stuff like crazy. Come on over and you might pick up something nice for you and the kids.

Last night they shared with us the most expensive bottle of champagne I’ll probably ever drink. A bottle of Dom 1995, that would have made a car payment for me. It was a gift to Erik from Bob Kraft. Yeah, that Bob Kraft. Anyway we all had a little bit of the bottle last night and it was really good, and for that price it better be. The bubbles just kept coming. It was a very good bottle.

Saved for a special occasion.

It just kept bubbling.

Yesterday I also went for a ride to check out a condo in Whitinsville. It is about the same amount of time to get from work to the condo as it is to get from work to home. Maybe 5 minutes less. We haven’t gotten pre-approval yet so we haven’t actually gone into places to see them, I think we’ll get through the wedding and all the planning before we really start to look in earnest. Anyway here are some pictures of the condos.

These have all been done over. The neighborhood is kinda trailer park-esque. Lots of kids all over the place and people all over their front stoops. These haven’t been sold hence no people.

This is the other condo. This one is going for $149,000 for the end units and $124,000 for the middle units. There are people living in them already. I don’t know if they are moving out and then the place is being re-furbed or what. This is only two streets over from the other condos and is near a school and a more affluent area. Big difference between the two streets. Behind the condo their was a grill for each unit. I think there are at least 6 units in that building.