Ellis and Flynn…

Allison sent me this link a couple of days ago and since then I’ve read the site, watched the interviews and the trailer. Ellis Paul has written a song for this movie and so has Flynn and there is a snippet of the song on the website. The website I am talking about is for a move called The Legend of Lucy Keyes the Lost Child of Wachusett Mountain. Apparently this is a fairly famous legend in the western part of the state. I had heard nothing of it till Allison sent me the link. The story is about a 4 year old Lucy Keyes who disappeared in the woods on the South side of Wachusett Mountain. A local filmmaker John Stimpson has researched the legend and has made a modern movie with ties to the legend and it sounds like it will be a very interesting movie. John Stimpson has also produced a 14 minute movie called The Winter People, the concept of this movie is that spirits inhabit the houses of people how close them up during the winter on… Cape Cod. I would really like to see that one, the trailer looks eerie. Check out the websites.

The Legend of Lucy Keyes the Lost Child of Wachusett Mountain

The Winter People