Came Down to New York for BlogWorld Expo

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I caught the train to New York this morning to head to New York for Blog World & New Media Expo 2012. I’ve been coming to BlogWorld since 2007 and the very first conference in Las Vegas. I’ve learned so much from this conference and it is still one of my favorites. I’m rooming with my buddy Brett Bumeter. We’ve known each other since before that first BlogWorld Expo. We got a room at the Hampton Inn about a 1/2 hour walk from the Javits Center. I know because I decided to walk from the hotel to the venue. I had time and had gotten in a lot earlier than I had expected and the walk from the Train to the hotel wasn’t bad so I figured I’d just keep walking. The day was nice and I need the exercise.

I got to the Javits Center and got my name tag and the first person I saw was David Risley. We caught up for a bit and then I headed into a session on publishing with Scott Stratten and Jim Kukral. It was a lively discussion/Debate of going with a publisher vs self publishing. That was a very good session and I was glad to attend. I saw Zac Johnson and caught up with him. He’s got some cool things coming up and I might write for him again if I can do something that I can sustain as far as a topic.

After that session I caught up with Brett and we went out to the street to have a hot dog and a pretzel. Then we walked around the Book Expo. Brett checked out the digital showcase and I went through the children’s publishers. I cam across something that I was really excited about called Sticker Farm. I’m hoping to get a chance to review their products soon. I think that would be something cool that Eva would enjoy very much.

For the afternoon I checked out a couple more sessions including one from Dino Dogan of Triberr. I also saw a very good session from my friend Adam Cohen and Amy Lupold Bair. The session was on Marketing to Digital Parents. It was cool because it talked about parent bloggers marketing to their audience as well as brands marketing to parent bloggers. It was very cool and informative.

Then I caught up with Brett again and we went to the closing Keynote and we watched Gary Hoover speak. That was after we had a nice discussion with Missy Ward. Gary Hoover’s session was very interesting. It was a basically a case study about pioneers in traditional media who changed the world. Gary’s session was good but I came out with a headache because he was very, very loud when he punctuated his points, so loud.

Brett and I caught the shuttle back to the hotel and had dinner and talked YouTube strategies over slices of pizza. It was a nice day. I skipped the opening party because I wanted to get a few things done and get some sleep. Sleep hasn’t happened yet but I did get a few things done, so that’s good.

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  1. Sounds like a great start to BlogWorld. I wasn’t able to make the New York event this year but I’m hoping to be at the Vegas version in January.

  2. You must have made many productive and inspiring friends on this event. I really like this kind of events, if you can step out from your virtual blogger world to a physical one, in which there are you online friends as well. A great hybrid of the two scenes with the best people. I wish I could have the chance to take part on an event like these…

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