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The Last Blog World Expo

Photo-A-Day #2617

No, not because Blog World Expo is going away but because it is changing its name to New Media Expo! The new hashtag is #NMX and there is even a logo contest where the person who creates the logo can go to New Media Expo for life. so cool. Now, how to create the winning logo….

Took this photo from the train on the way home. I was futzing with the internet and the sun kind of shone funny so I looked up. When I did I saw a really cool splash of sunlight on this bridge. I quickly switched on the camera on my iPhone and started shooting out the window of the train. So the train is speeding along and I am rapid fire shooting to catch the image I saw and this is the one I liked the most. I love how the sandbar in the image leads you out to the bridge. The original image was very nice too but I did crop it a bit to take out the window reflection and used a couple Instagram filters to pump the colors to what you see. I almost missed this all together because I looked up and though, “Oh hey, that sunlight looks amazing, like a photo…. Oh wait I need to shoot that!” Continue reading The Last Blog World Expo

Came Down to New York for BlogWorld Expo

Photo-A-Day #2615

I caught the train to New York this morning to head to New York for Blog World & New Media Expo 2012. I’ve been coming to BlogWorld since 2007 and the very first conference in Las Vegas. I’ve learned so much from this conference and it is still one of my favorites. I’m rooming with my buddy Brett Bumeter. We’ve known each other since before that first BlogWorld Expo. We got a room at the Hampton Inn about a 1/2 hour walk from the Javits Center. I know because I decided to walk from the hotel to the venue. I had time and had gotten in a lot earlier than I had expected and the walk from the Train to the hotel wasn’t bad so I figured I’d just keep walking. The day was nice and I need the exercise.

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