Can I get a blog loan?

When I just got out of college and was working in the state that shall not be named, man I didn’t like that state. But I digress, when I lived there I was paid a meager wage and I had a technology habit to support. I spent much time at CompUSA buying many gadgets. I ended up racking up some debt and went to get a Personal loan and having that loan to pay off rather than a bunch of credit cards really helped me reduce my debt.

Cut to 10 years later. I paid that loan off long long ago and racked up more credit card debt. I was thinking about going the route of getting one of those Cheap loans out there but I decided to do it through my credit cards instead. I used one of those convenience checks and got a small rate on this loan. I don’t think I would go for a secured loan however since I have no asset to secure it against it makes no sense to me.

But I was wondering if I could get a loan for my blog. I run it partly as a business so maybe I could get a business loan. One of the things I would like to do with the money would be to buy a custom theme from Unique Blog Designs and pay for hosting and other things. I think I should try and get a loan to improve this blog because it has potential.

4 thoughts on “Can I get a blog loan?”

  1. It’s getting harder and harder to identify the paid posts. What happened to the green? Kermit would be sad.

    If this post is real, as in you are really thinking about taking a loan for improvements, you might want to think about what your incremental cash flows from the improvement might be and whether the irr would be higher than the cost of capital. It gets very boring on Fridays, I like to read my R’s textbooks. I can loan you one, she barely glances at them anymore…talk about a negative NPV!


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