Captain America and other #InfinityHeroes have arrived in Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes

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The #InfinityHeroes have arrived in Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes

Disney Infinity 2.0 was released on Tuesday. Retailers, like Walmart, all over the country were flooded with Marvel Superheroes or rather, #InfinityHeroes, on their shelves. I visited a few places on release day to see what everyone was up to and how the shelves looked with the new Disney Infinity Games. Who had deals and just how many figures were released in this first wave. There will be quite a few figures overall and a final count is still unknown. The game will be heavy on the Marvel Universe though and there are three major Play Sets that will be available at the time of release. Those will be Avengers which is part of the starter pack, Spider-Man which comes with Spidey and Nova, and Guardians of the Galaxy which comes with Star Lord and Gamora. This time around there are even cross over characters like Rocket Raccoon and Nova. Both of these characters can play in their respective play sets and also the Avengers Play Set. There will be a bunch of Disney Originals released that can be used only in the Toy Box. Many of those will be released at a later date. However, there is plenty to do right out of the package.

Captain America Found at Walmart
Andrew Proudly found Captain America at Walmart

Before we scouted for the game and figures my son and I played some dress up with the toys and costumes that my daughter had. You see, I am a comic book collecting dad and I want to make sure that both of my kids are well versed in their comic book super heroes. I’ve taken my kids to free comic book day every year and each year they have dressed the part. My daughter goes as a little known character from the Marvel universe named, Torrun. Torrun is the daughter of Thor and she appears in a movie called the Next Avengers, which happens to be my daughter’s favorite movie. So when I found her a Thor helmet and a cape and a sword (Torrun uses a sword not Moljinr) she was ecstatic. Now that Andrew is older he likes to play dress up with those things as well. We pulled out Thor’s Hammer (Something I got him for his very first Free Comic Book Day), Captain America’s Shield and the Thor helmet and cape to have some fun before we went on our search.

Steam Punk Thor
We added a little Steam Punk look to Thor with my Steam Punk Goggles.

Mini Steam Punk Thor
The Mini Steam Punk Thor

While we didn’t buy the game on release day we did enjoy checking out the characters and the displays in various stores. Our copy of the game arrived on Wednesday from #CollectiveBias. I opened it up and began playing pretty much right away. I wanted to get far enough through the avengers Play Set to unlock Rocket Raccoon so I could play with him in that Play Set. I’m a fan of the Play Sets. Eva is more a fan of the Toy Box mode and Andrew, well he’d rather keep switching around the characters while you play. He’ll get there, he’s just not there right yet.

Eva playing with Disney Infinity 2.0
Eva loves playing in the Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box

Eva has always enjoyed building in the Toy Box. She can make different worlds and enjoy hours of making things. Me, I want to run around and beat up bad guys and smash stuff. I can’t do that in the real world so why not escape into a Play Set and blow off a little steam as Iron Man or Thor. I’ve been introducing Andrew to great Avengers and Spider-Man cartoons that are on Disney XD. He already knows the characters but now he can also enjoy watching them on the cartoon and also on Disney Infinity 2.0. The cinematic cut scenes are great and I love that many of the voice actors from Avengers Assemble are voicing their characters in the game as well. That really helps with the continuity and authenticity for a kid, and a dad who loves cartoons, comic books and video games.

Our Disney Infinity 2.0 figures
Some of the new Marvel Super Hero Figures and some of our older figures

I was waiting to see what I thought about the game before I went and bought more figures. I say was because I went out and got many of the figures because they look just so dang cool. The dynamic poses and the colors and looks are fantastic. Eva even asked for the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set for her birthday because it has Gamora in it. She loves Gamora. She’s going to be even more excited about this character when she sees the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon that will be happening. Yet one more way to tie the kids together with the Marvel Universe.

Playing Disney Infinity 2.0
Learning to play Disney Infinity 2.0, the Avengers Play Set

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Did you get Disney Infinity 2.0? Who is your favorite character? What is the best Play Set? Please tell me below.

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  1. This looks like so much FUN!!! Those kids are awesome and adorable! They should have figurines that represent them because they are so dang cute!

  2. I’ve got a new Wii U just sitting in the box waiting to crack open. I’m thinking this is the right game to get me started! #client

    1. Amy,

      If you are a fan of Marvel or Disney then it is a novel game to play. After this shop I purchased many more of the characters. There are some limitations to this game that I am not a fan of but I did have fun playing through the Avengers playset and we recently gave my daughter the Guardians of the Galaxy playset so that she could have Gamora, her favorite character now.

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