CD – Ellis Paul's The Dragonfly Races

I have been a fan of Ellis Paul for many years now. He recently released a children’s album titled The Dragonfly Races. When Allison was pregnant with Eva we saw Ellis perform and we learned about the upcoming CD. We vowed that this would be Eva’s first CD, however she came first and we received a bunch of CD’s for her before we got this one. But this is the first that we bought her.

Ellis Paul is one of the premiere folk singer/songwriters out there today. His music is moving and powerful and invokes amazing imagery. On this album he is joined by many other talented singer/songwriters and even a few kids. We absolutely love the album and I can in no way do it the justice it deserves so I invite you to visit Ellis Paul’s website for a full description of the CD and the songs contained on it as well as to Ellis’ MySpace page and the MySpace page for The Dragonfly Races. If you like what you hear you can purchase the album from CD freedom or on iTunes.

And because I like Ellis Paul so much (he’s always been awesome with us whenever we’ve seen him) I am going to gift 5 copies of the title song The Dragonfly Races through iTunes to the first 5 people who can answer the three questions below. They need to be sent to my e-mail please do not post the answers on this blog post.

However you must visit Ellis’ MySpace, his website and the myspace for The Dragonfly Races and answer these three questions. Leave a comment on the post letting me know you want the song and then send me the answers to my e-mail address (don’t put the answers in the comments or you will be disqualified.) at abennett 96 @ g mail dot com.

Question #1. Who sings with Ellis on the song Abiola?
Question #2. Who sings with Ellis on the song Road Trip?
Question #3. What Ellis song mentions “armadillos“?
And for the heck of it let me know which song on any Ellis CD is your favorite.

Allison and Me with Ellis Paul